WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Gets The Rock to Eat Candy For The First Time Since 1989

Most of us are either sweet people or salty ones. I’m definitely a savory person. I recently let my loved ones know that on all my future birthday’s, I’d like a personal pizza with a candle in it in lieu of a cake. For the same calories, give me tomato sauce and cheese all day over chocolate and icing.

Dwayne Johnson is the same way, but he’s taken it to an extreme. I might prefer pizza, but I’ll eat cake. I eat lots of cake. I like cake. Who doesn’t like cake? The wrestler-turned-actor is so much a savory person that he hasn’t eaten candy since 1989. It was Twizzlers, and it was a movie theater, and it was literally the 80s. So, Jimmy Fallon decides that tonight, they’re going to make history, and he provides The Rock with an array of options, including an extremely large gummy worm.


[image via screen grab]


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