Watch Brooklyn’s Pizza-Topped Pizza Maker on Jimmy Kimmel

Another day, another prolific stoner on Jimmy Kimmel Live! A day after talking to Jeff Ross about shotgunning Martha Stewart, Kimmel talked to Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of Brooklyn’s Vinnie’s Pizza, (Spoiler alert: There’s no Vinnie,) where he’s already sold 1,000 pizzas topped with smaller pizzas. “It’s already the #2 leading cause of death in America,” Kimmel jokes.

The pizza, called a “Mini-Vinnie” isn’t just pizza with pizza thrown on top. Berthiaume cooks a smaller pizza first, then a large pie, and as its cooking cuts up the first and tosses the slices on top, so the two pies melt together. Naturally Kimmel asked if medical marijuana played a role in Berthiaume’s inspiration.

And naturally, “not medical” was his response.



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