WATCH: Jon Stewart Gets into Half-Hearted Food Feud with Philadelphia

Last year, Jon Stewart gleefully ripped into Chicago’s deep-dish “pizza” thing, sparking a heated intercontinental debate that only ended when representatives from both sides decided to hate on California pizza. This year, Stewart attempted to recapture the magic on The Daily Show, with the news that Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg got sick while eating at a Shake Shack in New York. However, since he respects Sandberg’s legendary baseball career, he couldn’t deliver some SickNastyBurn lines with the vitriol they needed.

“What kind of city takes the parts of the cow normal people throw away; fries it up on a hunk of bread; and before they can call it their signature dish asks, ‘You want me to put Whiz on that?'” he shouted, before leaning over and whispering: “I actually like these.”

Thankfully, he had choice words for Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Watch below via Comedy Central:

[h/t Eater]

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