WATCH: Jon Stewart Wants Top Chef Consequences For Congress

If you’re a food nerd with no idea why Washington DC is freaking out over a “sequester,” or don’t even know what a “Congress” is, then you’re in luck: last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ended up using an extended Top Chef metaphor to explain how Congress 1) accidentally forced themselves to cut federal spending across the board after failing to come to a compromise in the budget, and 2) has no immediate accountability for screwing things up so badly:  no pay cuts, no firings, no public acts of humiliation.

“There are worse penalties for f**king up on Top Chef than there are for Congress,” Stewart seethed, before getting caught up in the minutiae of Last Chance Kitchen, and wondering, like all of us, why Josie Smith-Malave was invited back. If we assume that Jon Stewart is the modern-day Edward R. Murrow (just go with us here), that means his opinion is nationally accepted truth, and that truly, no one knows why Josie was invited back.

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