WATCH: Julia Child Makes Perfect Omelet With Letterman Despite George Burns and Cockroach

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

The Late Show returns on Tuesday with Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman as host, a transition that promises to be similar to the time I got a new manager at the Gap. For this edition of Throwback Unpack, we’ll take a visit to the early, wild years of Letterman’s show, pausing to appreciate the time Julia Child made a perfect omelet despite it all. It all!

Things don’t even start off normally, and they so often do. Letterman casts doubt upon Child’s new “video home cassettes” and she makes reference to a “television machine.” (Oh, 1985! Miss you, boo.) Now it’s time to cook something.

But then beloved comedian George Burns strolls into frame holding a cigar and his new book of jokes. 

Then he asks for two fried eggs.

Then he has Letterman read one of the jokes from the joke book.

Then he hands a cigar to Child and leaves, passing by a nice lady in an oversize sweater who’s all like, “I’m not sure, either, but someone told me it was okay.”

Then there’s, of all things, a commercial break.

The rest of the segment includes a faulty burner, a cockroach, and an egg toss between Letterman and Paul Shaffer. Child still turns out a perfect omelet, because that’s what she’s here to do, Dave.

As an aside, I like to watch this video once every two weeks to remind myself that Knife Fight could be more absurd.


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