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WATCH: Justin Out-Snarks Heckler On Food Network Star

On last night’s Food Network Star, contestants were faced with the task of presenting a demo at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. But, to shake things up, the mentors decided to sabotage each contestant’s presentation with some curve balls that would force them to think on their feet in a live presentation. For example: ingredients went missing, blenders were non-functional, and, in Justin’s case, the audience was less than respectful.

To address Justin’s tendency of coming off as a cocky smart ass, Alton Brown threw a heckler in the crowd to bully him during his presentation. Justin replied to the first two questions fired like a champ, but, by the fourth interruption, he began wielding his harsh snark. Do you think Bobby Flay would have acted any differently if this jackhole had been in his demo? We think not.

Check out the clip below and tell us how you think Justin handled it.

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