WATCH: Justin Warner Makes Cocoa Puffs Carbonara on Fox & Friends

First of all, let’s just get this out there — waking up to Justin Warner’s adorableness, plus a bowl of cereal, makes for a pretty amazing Saturday morning. (Hit me up, Justin.) And that’s exactly what Warner did with the Fox & Friends team this morning, by whipping up some bomb-ass cereal recipes for National Cereal Lovers Week.

You would never think that pasta, eggs, and cheese would end up in the same dish as your average cocoa puffs, but that’s exactly what Warner did for a cocoa puffs carbonara. Gretchen Carlson was a skeptic about the cocoa puffs, but Warner convinces her that bacon + cocoa puffs = a bowl of heaven (in so many words). Then we’re drinking Ramos Gin Fizz-type cocktail with Trix on top (those Trix aren’t for kids), and then dishing up a Banana Nut Cheerio and split pea soup mashup. All in all, Warner has a point — cereal does make us smile.

Check out Warner with the Fox & Friends gang, and get inspired to make your own cereal recipes that aren’t just cereal. What do you say Warner, you + me + cereal next Saturday morning?*

*Kidding. Kind of.

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