WATCH: Katz’s Deli Celebrates 125 Years with Customized Nike Sneakers, Which, OMG

Katz’s Deli will turn 125 this year, which means it’s no longer “old” — it’s “classic,” “cool,” and “vintage,” which is why they can get away with releasing a limited edition line of Katz’s Deli-branded Nike Air Force 1s.

Actually, we really want these limited edition sneakers, not just for the fact that they have maximal swag factor (we’d be the coolest kids in the SoHo office), but also for the fact that they come in a special wooden box with photos of the famous New York Deli, and an iPod Nano loaded with the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally. But why would you need it? These shoes are enough to induce orgasm.

Look! Look at the shoes! Ignore the fact that the Buy It Now price on eBay is $5,000! Stop asking questions about why a deli would ever put its name on a pair of sweet kicks! Why not, YOLO, give us the goddamn sneakers.

[h/t Grub Street]

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