WATCH: Chef Kimmie Chows Down 5 Lamb Testicles On Hell’s Kitchen

We can’t tell if Hell’s Kitchen‘s Chef Kimmie is crazy or awesome, but we’re leaning towards delivering mad props. On last night’s episode, the girls team lost their very first challenge, sending the boys to the races as their reward, while the girls’ punishment was to consume a less savory cut of lamb than the chops they were cooking for the challenge. To follow up last week’s scallop shake lunch, Gordon Ramsay had the losing team down a platter full of lamb testicles.

Kimmie, like a boss, ate five, while the majority of her team was vomiting after a tiny bite of one. We get it; it’s yucky. But we, like Kimmie, have very little patience for “the Barbie dolls.”

Despite their challenge loss, all the girls managed to scrape by when it came time for elimination, and space cadet Don was sent home off the boys team, leaving the men heavily outnumbered. Check out the clip below for the stomach-turning conclusion of the lamb battle.

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