WATCH: Life After Top Chef Is Full Of Hustling And Cooking And…Swingsets?

So you didn’t win Top Chef. (Or, in Richard Blais’s case, you did win Top Chef, but only after you lost the first time around.) But you still have a toque full of notoriety and a dream in your heart, and you want to open your own restaurant and Succeed In Your Industry, damnit. But it’s not an easy road, lubed by your newfound fame. No, you have all of these trials and tribulations, and obstacles, and family drama, and business drama, and appearances on Good Morning America, and semiautomatic weapons, to deal with.

At least, this is the vision of life after Top Chef that Life After Top Chef, Bravo’s newest show, hopes to chronicle. The reality series, which follows Blais, Fabio Viviani, Spike Mendelsohn, and Jennifer Carroll in their post-Top Chef careers, premieres this week, and if this preview is anything to go by, it promises to be the most meta show in the Top Chef franchise, or at least the most MC Escher-esque: it’s a show about people from another show promoting that show while starring on this show. Confused? Check out the sneak peek below.

The show premieres this Wednesday at 10 PM EST, and at the very minimum, stay for Fabio swinging on a child’s swing incorrectly.

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