WATCH: Mario Batali Makes Boozy Shakes with Jimmy Fallon, QuestLove

That’s how you present the first chef on the revamped Tonight Show!

Mario Batali came on the Tonight Show to pimp out his new restaurant in Vegas, B&B Burger and Beer — so why not start mixing up some boozy shakes and grilling up some burgers? “Up until now, you had to speak a little bit of Italian to come into one of my restaurants — and that’s Ok — but there’s a whole mess of people who don’t want to speak Italian but want to have something delicious to eat, made by me,” said Batali.

Obviously it’s adorable to watch Batali gift Fallon a ginormous salami, but the real highlight is to watch Jimmy Fallon take a swig of Maker’s Mark (why that face?!) and then pretend to get wasted. “Why don’t you use the fake stuff, like iced tea?” “AM I A PRETTY GIRL?!”

Batali also talks about his new music show with Dailymotion. Check the full clip below.


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