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WATCH: Marylin Hagerty Goes to Le Cirque

America’s favorite grandma Marilyn Hagerty got an invite to Le Cirque, courtesy of Inside Edition’s episode last night, and we have one problem: Sirio Maccioni didn’t greet her, nor did he relentlessly hit on her at all, which is the only reason to go to Le Cirque, according to Pete Wells. (Also, we were seriously thinking of writing a story about small-town girl Marilyn being charmed by city slicker Sirio and the torrid affair they’d have after that, but we’re just gonna leave that idea in our desk drawer.)

Anyway. Hagerty, on the show to talk about her new book Grand Forks: A History of American Dining in 128 Reviews, discussed why Anthony Bourdain wanted to publish a book of her reviews, and gave her verdict on the famed restaurant: “It’s an experience that we don’t have too often, but we should often do this — to smell the roses in between our peanut butter sandwiches and hamburgers at McDonald’s.”

Watch a food personality be un-cynical below, and try to remember what sincerity is:

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