WATCH: Michael Symon And Mario Batali Drink Wine And Light Things On Fire At Aspen Food & Wine Classic

Okay, there’s a good reason that ABC pays Michael Symon and Mario Batali boatloads of money to feed each other and joke around on The Chew, but when they’re paid to hang out with all their chef friends at the Aspen Food And Wine Classic — on camera!– it’s enough to make us want to sell our souls to whoever is buying.

Then again, this video is our only glimpse into the fun that they got to have, which included the following activities: communicating with Emeril Lagasse and his demo next door by having your audience shout through the conference room wall, lighting mirrors on fire with Bobby Flay (“Hey Jacques [Pepin]! Have you ever done that before?!”), and getting their wine crunk on with Jacques Torres and Jose Andres (in the best baseball hat ever).


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