WATCH: Michelle Obama And Rachael Ray Hand Out Golden Trays In Mississippi

As part of the four-year anniversary tour of her fitness campaign Let’s Move!, Michelle Obama has been dragging her celebrity chef friends around the country to inspire all of America’s children to get active and eat healthy. Thus, she took Rachael Ray to Mississippi to celebrate the state’s recent 13% drop in instances of childhood obesity — an enormous accomplishment, considering that only three years ago Mississippi had the highest rate in the country with 40% of children being classified as obese.

Together the ladies shot a segment for Ray’s show (airing on March 11th), in which the cafeteria staff faced off against the students to win a Golden Tray of Lunch Victoriousness, while a very excited bald man exercised like whoa. Obama Foodorama reports that Ray dubbed the competition “The Iron Chef of Lunch Ladies,” which makes her…Chairwoman Kaga? We’ll get back to you on that one.

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