WATCH: Mugaritz Wants Us To Eat Nails, Be Stoned

At this point, you can expect your daily dose of Spanish Food Porn to be slightly more trippy and strange than the food porn available in the United States. (It’s Europe. They do things differently over there.) In this case, Mugaritz, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant in San Sebastian has released a trippy student film highlighting a new dessert to be served when they reopen on April 10th.

As they tell Eater, “it’s simple milk and grains, cooked until it becomes a foam. And then, the fun part: it’s topped with dehydrated flowers…clove, and nails made of chocolate.”

As they tell the rest of the world: “We know you can’t get access to salvia, so here’s the next best thing. Salud.”

Cucurucho de Clavos y Flores from Mugaritz on Vimeo.


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