WATCH: New ‘Time Machine Chefs’ Preview Shows Chris Cosentino Making Out With A Raw Duck

While the ludicrous premise that is Time Machine Chefs will hopefully be one of those campy “so-bad-it’s-good” affairs, for now the one good thing about the show is that it’s a second night in the week where we can watch Art Smith and Chris Cosentino snipe about each other’s lovably annoying habits. If there’s some sort of food media god, we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s trying to turn these two into The Odd Couple of the culinary world. (Maybe even Bert and Ernie, except here only Ernie is gay.)

And in a new preview for Time Machine Chefs, the two are joined by Ilan Hall and Jill Davie in what appears to be Ancient China, with judges Silvena Rowe, Nancy Silverton, and Dave Arnold (who we now realize looks like a nice version of Paul Ryan) schooling them on preparing Peking duck. Of course, they have to prepare it without Dave Arnold’s fancy modern gadgetry, so enjoy the below clips of Cosentino making out with a raw duck carcass.

Time Machine Chefs premieres this Thursday at 9 on ABC…or you can hop in your giant fridge and go into the future to watch it. (Then come back and tell us how it is, so we know whether it’s worth watching on Thursday.)

You can check out the previews for the Thursday premiere here. 

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