WATCH: Nigella Lawson’s Voice Stars on Modern Family

We too could use some extra help in the kitchen, if Nigella Lawson so wanted to guide us through cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Although we probably don’t enjoy it the same way as Phil Dunphy does on Modern Family.

In last night’s Thanksgiving episode, Phil shows how his new app features Lawson’s voice, who gives audio directions for cooking a turkey. Yep, that voice gets to Phil: “I was listening to her meringue recipe in the car. There was so much whipping and beating I had to pull over.”

Yep, our girl Nigella knows how to work. it.

We had to find out if there was an actual app, and there is a “Nigellissima” app that gives some of Lawson’s Italian recipes, and a “Quick Collection” app of recipes. Although we doubt either of those comes with the addition of Lawson’s “sultry” voiceover.

[Youtube h/t People]

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