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WATCH: Oh Good, Now You Can Watch Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Get Stolen

In today’s “stories that just won’t die until we cover the shit out of it,” now we can overanalyze surveillance footage of Max Wade stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini. From two years ago. Because that will tell us a lot … in a case that’s already been sentenced.

Wade was sentenced last week to a life sentence with the possibility of parole, but that won’t stop local news outlets in Marin, Calif. from still talking about it. Because videos! And now we can talk about what a “sophisticated criminal” (and terrible Lamborghini driver) Wade is!

Inside, he takes his time, spending almost 15 minutes walking through the dealership.

“He had a throat mic or what appeared to be a throat mic for a two-way radio,” [Greg] Garrett says. “And a couple times he appears to talk on it during that time in the surveillance video.”

… He walks to the exit door and cuts the lock with these bolt cutters.

He drives the yellow Lamborghini from the second floor, down the ramp, and gets out to roll up the door.

Back in the car, Wade appears to fumble with the controls, mistakenly turns on the wiper [Editor’s note: great, great imagery here] and pulls out into the pre-dawn darkness.

And even better, Fieri shares with ABC News that he couldn’t escape the Lamborghini:

Wade sometimes drove the car, and its owner, Guy Fieri, often got reports of sightings, “We would get calls all the time and I mean all the time,” he said. “I had friends call me who would say, ‘Listen, I just saw your car on the freeway.’ And I was like, believe it or not, there’s more than one yellow Lamborghini convertible probably in Northern California. And people would call and we’d get reports and my attorney would hear about it. Well, come to find out that he was driving it. Brave kid.”

While the local media continues to report on Wade’s activities before his arrest, we are … burned out on the yellow Lamborghini.


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