WATCH: Oh, Hey, That’s Rene Redzepi on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Huh?

The ever-so-serious chef Rene Redzepi on a clubby, silly, American talk show like Jimmy Kimmel Live! is so odd to us. It’s like mixing water with vegetable shortening. It’s like that one Neil Simon play with the weird couple. Somehow it works, though it’s probably because they both team up against Idris Elba once they learn that Stringer Bell doesn’t eat meat. (Redzepi: “There is nothing more delicious than the skin of a mammal.” Elba: [vomits])

It’s also odd to us, since Redzepi doesn’t have much knowledge of the American references Kimmel throws around, like, say, “McNugget.” (But watching Redzepi try to describe Thanksgiving spices is adorable: “You know, all the spices you use for Thanksgiving!” Yep. All them spices. Ugh, just stay in the US for Thanksgiving, Rene. It’s an experience.)

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