comScore On The Table With Eric Ripert And Stanley Tucci

WATCH: Stanley Tucci Takes Eric Ripert’s Martini Virginity, Both Get Hammered

You could call this episode of On The Table one of two things: either it’s an insightful look into the way that cooking and acting both serve as performance art, as evinced in a deep conversation between 30-year acting veteran Stanley Tucci and Eric Ripert, or it’s an episode of Tucci & Ripert’s Drunk Kitchen.

Ripert, it turns out, has never had a martini in his life. Luckily for him (and us), Tucci was once a bartender in college. But not only does Tucci make two types of martinis (vermouth and scotch) , he and Ripert down them on empty stomachs. And then they stagger through the kitchen like drunk buddies, somehow managing to cook a beautiful risotto and roasted branzino, while Tucci forgets if he folded an omelet in Big Night

“That’s what impressed me about the movie,” Ripert giggles. “Ihe fact that you folded it and it was perfect.”

“I’m completely drunk,” Tucci deadpanned later, still sloshed. “Why would I remember that?”

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