WATCH: What Would Padma Lakshmi Flash Her Boobs For?

Last night, Bravo executive and Braiser Spirit Animal Andy Cohen invited Padma Lakshmi onto Watch What Happens Live!, and like any good Bravo executive, soon steered the conversation towards the ideal combination of Top Chef New Orleans topicality and gay man speculation: What items of value would Padma flash her boobs for at Mardi Gras?

Of course, Padma’s very picky and discerning. In re: greasy hamburger: “I would, depending on who’s holding it.” In re: co-host and Platonic Ideal Gail Simmons: “Definitely. I’m always flashing her between scenes [coy laugh].” In re: the Hughnibrow: “I think they’re too honorable to even let me think of flashing my boobs.”

The Hughnibrow thanks you for your respect, Padma. It is dignified and proud, and too honorable for these ridiculous games of boobs. (Ganja? Not so much.)

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