WATCH: Pastry Chef Nancy Olson Leaves Gramercy Tavern, Here’s What We’ll Be Missing

nancy olson gramercy tavern

Going, going, back, back to Napoleon, North Dakota. That’s how that Notorious B.I.G. lyric goes, right? At least that’s how Gramery Tavern pastry chef Nancy Olson has reinterpreted the NYC song, because she’s returning to her home state at the end of this month, after seven years serving up sweets at the Danny Meyer-owned Manhattan mainstay.

Back in 2007, when Olson had first started at Gramercy, Adam Platt lauded her “comforting old recipes with a light, gourmet touch.” It should be noted, that in the very same New York Magazine review, he called then-chef Tom Colicchio “diva-like.” But we digress.

The New York Times reports, on its Diners Journal blog, that the pastry department sous-chefs will take over until a replacement has been hired. In these tough, Olson-less times, let’s take a look at the magically delicious wonders we may have to do without.

In the video below, filmed a mere seven months ago by Culintro, Olson talks about some of her choice creations (a fat-free nectarine and raspberry summer pudding) and what inspired her (treats and jams from grandma) to whip them up, all while wearing a Gramercy Tavern coat. To sum up her position, she glows: “I’m the pastry chef. I cook, I teach, and I eat a lot of sugar. And I love it. I really love it.” And here come our abandonment issues.

To really get the dessert-depression going, take a peek at one of Nancy’s menus included below. Hey, there’s always cronuts.

gramercy tavern dessert

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