WATCH: Paul Qui Presents A Food Truck Dish On A Fancy White Plate

Is there really a difference in the way that grub from a food truck tastes from the food in a restaurant? Probably not, if this video from Paul Qui has anything to say about it. In this little video experiment, he plates the same dish from his Grackle truck in the same manner he’d have plated it when he was still at his James Beard Award-winning Uchiko.

Though the quality of the food in the truck equals that of any restaurant in the city, Qui notes that the low costs of running a truck versus the high expenses of running a brick-and-mortar restaurant means that the price points are different. Hence, the presentation must be, too. “I think perception plays an interesting role with how people eat,” he observes in the video. “I just want to show that comparison.”

[Eater Austin]

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