WATCH: Paula Deen Defends Her Butter Consumption on The View

Guess who was selected to be the guest of honor on a special edition of The View entitled “The Fat Show.” (Seriously.) Obvs, Paula Deen, Southern cooking queen, signed on as guest host to discuss her controversial diabetes diagnosis in the face of hawking rich, heavy comfort food recipes. She fessed up to ignoring her diagnosis at first, so check out the clip to watch Barbara Walters barely conceal her judgment in that condescending tone of hers, while Paula defends her buttery recipes as being okay “in moderation.”

(There’s also some question as to her accent’s authenticity, courtesy of Joy Behar, which we think should be a Hot Topic of its own. But that’s probably just because one of our favorite games to play is reciting Harry Potter spells in a Paula Deen voice.)

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