WATCH: Rachael And Buddy Teach Us How To Use That Last Bit Of Nutella In The Jar

Picture this scenario: It’s late. You’re standing in the kitchen, pajamas pooling around your feet, and you’re holding a spoon with a death-grip in your grimy hands, furiously scraping at the remnants of peanut butter and/or Nutella that tauntingly cling to the inside of the jar. There is not enough deliciousness on your spoon. You grow apoplectic by the second.

This is the only thing in your life that gives you meaning, damnit, because your niece is a little brat, and your significant other is saying that his mother doesn’t approve of your hair, and you’re too darn tired to go to the store to pick up another jar, and LIFE IS SO UNFAIR and you’re SO HUNGRY and all of a sudden you throw the jar across the room in a fit of rage, where it lands with a…squeak?

Oh crap. You have killed your pet rabbit.

This situation could have been prevented if you’d watched Buddy Valastro and Rachael Ray’s segment on what to do with leftover peanut butter and Nutella in the jar! The results are way more tasty, and way less pathetic than the above situation. We’d say they’re performing a public service.

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