WATCH: Rachael Ray Stumbles Over Defending the Food Network’s Firing of Paula Deen

We would hate to be in Rachael Ray’s position in the clip below from last night’s Watch What Happens Live!, when she was asked about her thoughts on the Food Network’s firing of Paula Deen earlier this summer. See, Rachael is a crown jewel in the Food Network’s lineup, and the Food Network forbids its stars from doing anything naughty, like swear, act lewdly, be awesome, or critique any of its business practices (like firing a major star for racism) in public.

So here’s 38 seconds of Rachael Ray very awkwardly trying to say something (anything at all)  in response to Andy Cohen’s question, which is the interview equivalent of a surprise kick to the balls. What she comes up with: “I hope one day the whole family will make up, as all good families do.”

*Cough**cough**Martha Stewart did it better*cough*cough*.

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