WATCH: Because You Asked, Here’s Rene Redzepi Throwing Live Grasshoppers Into A Blender

For all the talk of Rene Redzepi being a revolutionary cook whose foraging ethos has inspired the entire industry, it’s still really hard for most chefs to latch on to that bug thing. You know. The thing where he serves people LIVE ANTS with yogurt, like some sort of wriggly insect granola? That one.

In order to evangelize his food philosophy, Redzepi recently opened a Vimeo account where he’ll upload how-to videos of some of his stranger creations. The first series, Fermentation 101, includes the production of “pea-so” (miso paste made of peas; get on that, D-Chang), yeast petit-fours, and fermented plums.  And because progress cannot occur without sacrifice, Redzepi (via a surrogate) also shows us how to make grasshopper garum, which is a little icky because of the dead grasshopers OH WAIT JESUS NO THEY’RE ALIVE. They’re alive and wriggling their tiny legs about helplessly, trying to claw their way out of a death by blender, which we would not wish on our worst enemies. AND THEN YOU BLENDED THEIR LARVAE CHILDREN, TOO, YOU MONSTER.

Mmmm, mm mm mmm mm.

[h/t Grub Street]

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