WATCH: Rene Redzepi Delivers Wine By Schooner, How Else?

Rene Redzepi’s Noma happens to be a magical Danish place where the ants are tasty, the beans come from the sea, and the wine arrives via 18th-century schooner, accompanied by lusty bearded seamen and singing mermaids (or a bunch of hipster waiters?).

As wine merchant Sune Rosforth writes on Noma’s blog, there had been multiple miscommunications involving a shipment of organic wine onboard a schooner, and how they all had to find a new home, lest Neptune wrought his vengeance on the ship and subject it to New York City tariffs sink it to the bottom of the sea:

 The captain of the ship took this opportunity to contact [wine grower Olivier Cousins] and ask him if there was anywhere else he could try delivering his wine to. Olivier immediately asked his importer in London, who turned down the idea. It was then that he called us. We said yes.

However, for the trip to make any sense for us, we needed 8000 bottles of wine brought over – and not just from Olivier, but from several wine producers, all of which would have to be collected and transported to Brest, France within just two weeks, before the ship would set sail for Copenhagen. We deal with a number of wine growers situated in the 1000 km plus long Loire Valley and we succeeded in collecting wine for this trip from thirteen of them.

Watch the magical sea journey below:

A Special Delivery from Rene Redzepi Noma on Vimeo.

[Noma via Eater]

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