WATCH: Richard Blais Plays ‘Guess That Ingredient’ On GMA, Anchors Think Everything Is Buttermilk

Richard Blais stopped by GMA this morning to show off his new book Try This at Home, which hits shelves early next year, and, while he was at it, he took Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer through a round of Guess That Ingredient. Now, we don’t expect morning news anchors to have the sharpest palates on the planet; no one’s picking them for their team in the blind taste test Quickfire before The Great Colicchio. But we feel like Josh and Lara could have put just a tad more effort into their guesses. Mostly because all their guesses were buttermilk.

Plus, Blais opened up the game with the hint that this was the “sneak healthy ingredients into kid-friendly meals for back-to-school” version of the game! Buttermilk isn’t exactly on our shortlist of bikini-friendly recipe substitutions.

Richard substitutes soft tofu into his caesar salad dressing, greek yogurt into his mac and cheese, chick peas and mushrooms into his “meaty chili,” and avocados into his chocolate pudding mousse (we swoon every time he does that one).

Check out the clip below for Guess That Ingredient, or, buttermilk dressing, buttermilk mac and cheese, buttermilk chili, and buttermilk chocolate pudding.

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