WATCH: Richard Rosendale Talks about Time and the Nature of Success at TEDx

Rich Rosendale may have abruptly left The Greenbrier after a prestigious job running the resort’s kitchen (and Batman-ing at the Bocuse d’Or), but as he says in this TEDx Talk in Lewisburg, VA, there are other things in life — sometimes, things more important than having a prestigious job, given the way that time works.

The name of his talk, “You’re Running out of Runway,” not only refers to the limited amount of time people have to accomplish their goals, but also the priority in which those goals need to be placed. Sometimes it’s the “chasing after a dream” thing that most people can never accomplish; sometimes it’s spending more time with one’s family (which Rosendale cites as the reason that he left The Greenbrier). But ultimately, in the famous words of pro hockey player Wayne Gretszky, it’s all about taking that one chance to begin with: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

….you know what, Rich? You’re right! What have we been doing with our lives?! That’s it, we’re quitting our jobs right now to follow our dreams of being pro hockey players. PEACE.


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