WATCH: Rick Bayless Describes How He Changed The Chicago Food System Through Trust

Speaking to a packed, sun-drenched room at the top of the Hearst Center in New York City, Rick Bayless urged the attendees of the James Beard Foundation Food Conference to shrink America’s food system, from one where the food we eat comes from massive, impersonal and distant factory farms, to a system where meat, produce, and grains come from your local farmers.

Drawing from his own experiences opening Frontera Grill in Chicago, Bayless spoke on his priorities in building trust between his restaurant, his farmers and consumers, a trust that is severely lacking in a world where e. coli recalls on cabbages scare people away from eating fresh food. (We spoke with him in-depth about these issues earlier this week.)

“Hope, faith, and trust are three words that spin in your head when opening a restaurant,” he argued passionately.  “Trust is not a one way street. Trust is only as strong as the relationship between you and the one that you are trusting. If you want someone to be trustworthy, you too have to be trustworthy.”

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