WATCH: Rocco DiSpirito and Carla Hall Bobble-Head through Scary Kraft Commercial

The New York Times calls this new campaign for Kraft’s line of “Recipe Makers” instant foods “a major marketing blitz…that seeks to tap into the current mania with all things chef.” Hugh Merwin from New York’s Grub Street hates these commercials, starring the lovable but compromised Carla Hall and the fallen angel Rocco DiSpirito as freaky bobble-headed children, and calls it “Everything Wrong About Food TV.”

Us? We’re actually hiding under our desks, the way they taught kids during the Cold War, because clearly these chefs are mutations, warped from the nuclear fallout of culinary media oversaturation. Also, Kraft is clearly aping the brilliant Betty White ad for Snickers, but in quite a disturbing way.

Here, come under the desk with us, and behold:

[The New York Times h/t Grub Street]

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