comScore Roy Choi Cooks with Google Glass (VIDEO)

WATCH: Roy Choi Cooks with Google Glass So You Can Pretend to Be Roy Choi

As part of its push to make Google Glass not seem like a creepy harbinger of an Orwellian future, Google tapped Roy Choi to put Glass on his face and show off some cool recipes. It almost works, with the Kogi chef walking people through the cool ways to use Glass for researching recipes, transmitting his own recipes to the public, and calling his mom.

It’s almost awesome — especially the part where Roy Choi pretends to throw a leprechaun in a blender to make a St. Patrick’s Day burrito — but the giant flashing images remind us way too much of this Apple commercial. That’s not Choi’s fault. But we’re not sure if we’re supposed to think “Ooh, awesome burrito!” or “We have always been at war with Eurasia.”

[h/t Eater]

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