WATCH: Roy Choi Heroically Defends Loud Restaurants

Roy Choi is featured on the Today Show championing loud restaurants and the chefs who love them in a segment that we can only imagine must have been pitched to him with a slightly more positive spin. Between clips of NBC correspondent Mike Taibbi wandering through both Los Angeles’ noisiest and most neurotically sound-proofed eateries, Choi stoically defended his lawnmower-loud A-Frame in Culver City.

“I feel like I’m raising my voice,” Taibbi complains in the video below. And like a martyr being unfairly persecuted for his beliefs, Choi sticks to his guns. “But you’re not at all. You’re not at all,” he steadfastly responds.

We’d say one can’t argue with such foolproof logic, but indeed: Taibbi does.


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