WATCH: Seinfeld Super Bowl Ad Is Actually An Episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Well, that was an unexpected surprise! First, the world thought that Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld were shooting some sort of secret Seinfeld reunion project in the famous diner. Then the world saw a Super Bowl ad last night in which Alexander was referred to as a certain fictional George Costanza, and, upon seeing Newman, probably began wondering what sort of primo, big money advertiser dumped money on Larry David to get him to pull this reunion off.

And then it turned out to be a huge ad for Seinfeld’s web interview series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, except it actually took place in the Seinfeld universe. And then the ad turned out to be part of the episode itself. And the episode is below.

It goes to show you — every time they do a Seinfeld reunion, it’s the exact opposite of the way anyone else ever does reunions.


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