WATCH: Seth Rogen Explains ‘Sausage Party’ to Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, in his pre game 7 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel had Seth Rogen on to talk about his new movie Sausage Party. It’s an animated movie where the characters are all food, and the trailer is insane and amazing. Rogen says it’s the craziest thing he and his writing partner have ever done “and [they] almost started a war.”

Rogen says of the concept, “We thought one day, like, what if our food had feelings? And then we thought, It would be super messed up cause we eat our food, and it would be a horrible existence for them.” Kimmel says “kids aren’t gonna eat anymore!” Rogen said that it’s their goal to “scare children off food.” The good news for parents is that it’s rated R, so most kids probably won’t see it. Just kidding! They totally will, at friends’ houses.

The movie also features Jonah HillKristen Wiig, James FrancoPaul RuddDanny McBrideEdward Norton (who plays a bagel), Selma Hayak (who plays a taco), and Nick Kroll, who, not surprisingly, “plays a douche.”

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