WATCH: Sriracha Supporters Protest Attempts to Close Huy Fong Factory

The endless saga of Huy Fong Foods vs. Irwindale, CA marches on, its latest battle taking place at yesterday’s meeting of the Irwindale City Council. Huy Fong won this round when the Council decided to postpone its decision to declare the Sriracha producers a “public nuisance” for filling the air with jalapeno pepper fumes and purportedly causing respiratory problems for the city’s residents. They plan on returning to the ruling in April, which gives the factory enough time to settle the dispute with air quality managers and the city…”clearing the air,” as it were, HA.

KABC reported from the city’s meeting, with footage of diehard Sriracha fans protesting outside the council building and giving testimony during the public hearing. They also learned that out of the 61 complaints filed against the factory, 40 of them came from only four households. (Is it just us, or does this reflect real life — the few people who hate Sriracha are maddeningly, hyperbolically furious with the product?)

Watch below, via KABC:

[h/t Eater]

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