WATCH: Stephen Colbert Explains the NYC Ice Cream Truck Turf Wars

In case you haven’t heard, the area between 30th St. and 60th St. can be a scary, scary place if you’re a Mister Softee truck. Apparently, the trucks don’t even go there anymore for fear of retaliation from New York Ice Cream, their rivals. The fight has been going on for three years. Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert explained, “It’s just like the war between the Sharks and the Jets.”

The war apparently started when former Mister Softee employees changed the logos on their truck so that it read “Master Softee.” This eventually became New York Ice Cream, and the two have been in a turf war ever since.

Watch Colbert explain the issue below. Warning: When you hear what the lyrics of the ice cream truck song actually are, your childhood may be retroactively ruined:

[image via screen grab, CBS]


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