WATCH: Stephen Colbert Goes All in on Waffle House Stunt

Did you know Waffle House restaurants have juke boxes? No? Neither did we. Neither did Stephen Colbert, either, until recently. Not only that, the juke boxes play Waffle House-themed songs. And once he found out, he obviously needed to do something about it- he has a great voice. Plus, Waffle House is kind of a special place for him. He spent his late nights in high school at one location of the chain.

Colbert decided to make it his mission to get a Waffle House-themed song on the Waffle House juke box, so he called up country star Sturgill Simpson to help him. The two record a song called “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads,” and go to the restaurant to play it and party with patrons.

Watch the video:


[image via screen grab, CBS]


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