WATCH: Sushi Chefs Battle Giant Sea Creatures, Imitate Get Jiro!

Imagine the opening scene of Get Jiro!, where Anthony Bourdain’s mysterious sushi chef protagonist glares at an undignified white boy drowning his sushi in soy sauce. Now imagine that, instead of this story turning into a lurid Akira Kurosawa movie with good recipes, it turns into a ridiculous kaijuu movie.

That’s the premise of Monster Roll, released around the same time as Get Jiro!, coincidentally enough: sushi chefs with huge knives battle enormous sea creatures, ravenous to avenge their tiny brethren. “The combination of sushi chefs, sea monsters and strip malls just seemed like a clear movie premise,” director Daniel Blank tells Wired, “and one I desperately wanted to see.”

How…how did you know? We wanted to see that too! Someone please make this a real movie. (Also, it would fulfill our lifelong fantasy of seeing Los Angeles destroyed by a giant crab. Yeah. These are things we think about.)

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

[Wired via Grub Street]

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