WATCH: Taste Makers is a Web Series You’ll Want to See

The New York Times‘ new web series, Taste Makers, doesn’t feature Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, or any of the usual suspects. Most of the subjects of the videos have names you’ve probably never heard. The series features up-and-comers. They’re not amateurs (one is Adrienne Cheatham, the chef de cuisine at Red Rooster Harlem) but they’re not household names yet, either. According to the Times, the subjects are “ambitious and driven, but their futures are by no means clear or assured. They stand alone and move forward on their dreams.”

The videos are about five minutes long, and so far there are three. The first episode features Tunde Wey, a chef from Nigeria who attempted to bring the food from his culture to New Orleans, but was met with more challenges than he had anticipated. The second features Eduardo Rivera, a Mexican farmer who now lives in Minnesota, whose goal is to make organic vegetables available to the Latino community. The third is about Cheatham, who, while working under famed chef Marcus Samuelsson is working to realize ideas of her own.

Watch the first episode below:


The rest of Taste Makers can be found here.

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