WATCH: One Can Of Herring Proves We Can’t All Be Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern makes eating bizarre food items look like a breeze, which probably explains the cavalier attitude these four tough-looking Texans took towards eating a can of surströmming (fermented Baltic herring) that was sent to them from Finland. Of course, they plan to eat the questionable substance on blue corn chips.

But as Zimmern, Scandinavians, and many unfortunate Japanese game show contestants know, surströmming smells horrendous — so putrid that people have been evicted from their buildings for opening a can.

These guys don’t know that, and the attempt to tame this beast with nothing but an electric can-opener and their raging testosterone. Warning: what ensues is not for the weak-stomached, or any time close to lunch.

(h/t Reddit)

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