Watch the First Episode of the Hilarious Chef’s Table Mockumentary That Explores PB&J

“My dream has always been to take humble ingredients and transform them,” begins Jeff the Chef at the beginning of the new Chef’s Table parody series, Jeff’s Table. “Into a sandwich,” he continues.

The new series from Foodbeast takes foods like the humble peanut butter and jelly, throws on some classical background music, and gives them the Chefs Table treatment by saying things like “crunchy, creamy? I don’t know man, whatever’s on sale” and “there’s a feeling of elation when you create something average,” and “I do this for me, cause I don’t like to share.”

When he’s done with the sandwich, ‘Jeff’ concludes, “they don’t teach this sh*t in culinary school. In some ways, that makes me the best chef in the world.”

[H/T Eater]

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