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WATCH: The Girls Of Pretty Little Liars Are Not Into Food

We don’t know much about the show Pretty Little Liars, except that it looks like yet another CW vehicle about a bunch of pretty white girls having mysteries and drama with their pretty white parents. And like all CW shows about Pretty White People, the main characters have strained relationships with their food — as this amazing, 16-minute supercut of horrifying food moments from the show, made by Future Shipwreck, reveals.

Jezebel points out that the show contains a storyline regarding a main character with bulimia, and that teenage girls happen to be both the show’s core demographic and the age group most prone to eating disorders — which, gives this video some seriously tragic context. This is the battle we fight, food world. What if we could introduce the girls to handsome celebrity chefs?

Food Horror from Graham Kolbeins on Vimeo.

[Future Shipwreck via Jezebel]

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