WATCH: The Inevitable Sequence of Eddie Huang Getting Wasted on Russian Vodka

Raise your hand if you are absolutely shocked that Eddie Huang spent about half of his first Moscow episode getting trashed on Russian vodka. Okay, no hands there. Come on, he went to Moscow. Did you think he would spend the entire time looking at Fabergé eggs and touring Byzantine churches?

Raise your hand if you are shocked that he spent the other half of the episode talking about Muscovites misinterpreting African-American culture as expressed through US soft cultural power.  (You get extra points if you were the person who gave him Soft Power by Joseph Nye for Christmas, because he seems to refer to it a lot lately.)

In short, everyone gets a little bit of everything in this episode. (50% of The Braiser is surprised that soft power get a mention, while 100% of The Braiser is not surprised about vodka sickness.)


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