WATCH: ‘The Last Jewish Waiter’ At Katz’s Kvetches To Customers About Pastrami

Self-mocking “rich, overprivileged Jew” David Manheim always wanted his own talk show. Unfortunately, since he’s on the very botton rung of showbiz (waiting tables at Katz’s Delicatessen), the best he can do is film a talk show while he works. Welcome to the hell of being The Last Jewish Waiter: pale, white, and kvetching at the ethnically rich goyim he counts as his coworkers and the pastrami-ignorant shiksas he’s forced to serve. “That’s the problem with WASPs from Connecticut,” he scolds two older white ladies. “They always get the roast beef.”

What he’ll think when a Chinese guy from Oklahoma comes to do a tasting menu at Katz’s, we don’t know — but we can’t wait to find out.

[h/t Grub Street]

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