WATCH: The New el Bulli Foundation And Bullipedia Will Look Like This

Hot off the announcement of the launch of his culinary encyclopedia (January 2016, natch), comes a massive video trailer for Ferran Adrià’s two legacy projects: the previously mentioned Bullipedia, and the el Bulli Foundation, a massive museum/creative center dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the principles of his world-famous restaurant.

It’s really pretty, guys.

You also might be happy to know that, according to the 20-minute video/computer generated tour of the entire facility, you actually might get to eat the food of el Bulli, once thought lost in the sands of time forever. There’s not only a store, but also areas for “experiences,” a.k.a. the fancy Spanish molecular gastronomy word for “private events,” where the el Bulli Foundation will host and cater pop-up dinners and private events on the grounds. So, in a way, el Bulli will continue to live on! We’re cool with that.

[h/t The Daily Meal]

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