WATCH: The Onion Takes You Porkin’ Across America

We’re positive that The Onion stole some production assistants from the Food Network or Pork You!, because their latest series Porkin’ Across America with “Jim Haggerty” basically one-ups Chris Cosentino in pork obsession. Okay, it’s exactly like Pork You!, if Cosentino was secretly an enormous egoist who abandons his family all the time for his career, and uses pork as a shallow, emotional stopgap into the emptiness and despair of his unfulfilled life. Oh, the sting of satire.

Naturally, it’s hilarious — especially Haggerty’s observations on pork. “It’s times like these I thank god I’m not an observant Jew,” he says, while noting that you can really taste the pork in the pork.

[The Huffington Post]

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