Top Chef Masters Battle Of The Sous Chefs Episode 2: The Dreaded Mise-En-Place Race

In this season of Top Chef Masters, for those not in the know, the sous chefs are relegated to the corners of to compete for advantages — but exactly what advantages and disadvantages weren’t made clear until today’s episode two. In it, Hugh Acheson gave the Hughnibrow Of Disdain to the losing chefs from last week and kicked off Herb Wilson’s sous chef for giving his boss oysters.

But as the be-gauge’d sous sadly packed his knives and went, probably trying desperately to remember the password to his account, the rest of the sous chefs had to participate in the beloved Mise-En-Place challenge: seed pomegranates, cube celery root, clean squid, and butcher a primal cut of lamb. We admit we don’t know the first thing about butchering lambs, but we may have been pretty irritated at all the sous chefs destroying their pomegranates, Titus Andronicus style. Has no one ever heard of opening a pomegranate while submerging it in a bowl of water? It’s pretty straightforward.

Anyways. The competition! It gets worse, because their bosses are awkwardly led into the wine room to watch them compete, like parents being led to the Hunger Games to watch their children fight to the death. (We’ll figure out a suitable metaphor, the season just started.)

Top Chef Masters Battle Of The Sous Chefs Episode 1: Sous React

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