WATCH: The U Street Taco Will ‘One Day Murder Guy Fieri’

Anyone who’s ever spent time in Washington, DC knows about the city’s two biggest legendary foods: the half-smoke, a sausage borne by angels out of the divine smoky clouds of Ben’s Chili Bowl, and the jumbo slice, the pockmarked pizza colossus that emerges from the infernal depths of a hole-in-the-wall oven during a drunken night out.

So naturally, the Dr. Frankensteins at The Washington City Paper put the two together in a sacrilegious combo they dubbed The U Street Taco. “We are inventing a device that I hope will one day murder Guy Fieri,” editor Jonathan L. Fisher proclaimed, while we hastily plotted to keep the nuclear tummy bomb away from Adam Richman. 

[Washington City Paper]

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